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Anna Castagnoli


Anna Castagnoli

Anna Castagnoli is an Italian children’s book author, illustrator and critic. Born in Versailles, after a childhood spent across Europe and a bachelor degree in Philosophy, she discovered picture books, a fascinating universe that brought together her primary interests: art, literature and psychoanalysis.
She is the author of several books including Manuale degli illustratori (Ed Bibliografica, 2017), De gouden kooi (De Enhoorn, 2014), La caja de los recuerdos (OQO, 2010). Her stories have been illustrated by artists such as Susanne Janssen, Gabriel Pacheco, Isabelle Arsenault, Carll Cneut, Gaia Stella. Her blog is a reference point in Italy for picture-book lovers and illustrators. Anna teaches the history of illustration and the theory of perception in universities and institutions in Italy and Spain. She lives in Barcelona with her family.


*A special thanks to Gaia Stella for the illustration of Anna.