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Jen Uman


Jen Uman

Jen Uman was born in Southern California in 1970. Relocating to NYC while in her 20s she stayed there for 24 years before moving back to California. Her upbringing was filled with exposure to art and culture from around the world through books and travel which made a colossal imprint on her process of becoming a self-supporting artist. 

Surrounded by friends who took their interests in skateboarding, media, and art studies, Jen found her outlet in making paintings, sculpture, videos and illustrations which all helped harness her specific style and direction. With no formal art education or tools to properly execute traditional forms, she began streamlining her work using black pen on paper and primitive paintings with gouache paint on paper and unstretched canvas. 

Her singular style and infinite scenarios tell her stories through imagined ideas and histories as a response to experiences throughout her life. Jen's work leave those who view it with a feeling of familiarity and an ability to match it to experiences in their own lives, echoing profoundly in a way that commands attention with double-takes.  

She illustrated her first book, Jemmy Button, in 2011. The publication was greatly received and awarded by the CJ Book Fair, Winner Korea, the Bologna Book Fair, and The New York Times Best Illustrated Book. Soon after, she had her first exhibition at Itabashi Art Museum, Japan and has contributed to shows from the United Staes to Iran. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Vice Magazine, It's Nice That, Cool Hunting, and Neives.