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What Does the Crocodile Say?
Eva Montanari

The alarm clock goes dringg dringg, mama’s tickle goes hee hee, the water goes sssplash, the car goes vroom vroom... So starts little crocodile’s morning on the first day of nursery school. But when the doorbell goes ding dong and teacher elephant says peekaboo, little crocodile starts having second thoughts and has something very loud to say.

With its delightful sounds and loveable cast of characters, this heart-warming story about a very important day in a youngster’s life speaks to a child’s (and parent’s) separation anxiety and to the joy of overcoming it.

Pub date: August 2018 - Book Island | September 2018 Thierry Magnier

Rights sold: English UK, France
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199 Drapeaux
Formes, Coleurs et Motifs

Orith Kolodny

Much more than a traditional compendium of the world’s flags, this strikingly visual volume explores the shapes, figures, and colors that lay behind the choices of flag design. Divided into formal categories such as stripes, diagonal lines, triangles, circles, crosses, and natural forms including suns, moons, stars, and trees, the book is a fascinating atlas without the geo-political references. It offers an original perspective of flags, allowing readers to connect the form to the idea and meaning behind it.

Pub date: August 2018 - Actes Sud Junior

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Si J'étais une Souris 
by Mapi, illustrations by Susumu Fujimoto

According to a Chinese legend, cats and mice used to be the best of friends until the mouse became one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs at the cat’s expense. In this book, the narrator imagines what it would be like to be a mouse, a pig, a dog, and all the other animals in the Chinese calendar, attributing imaginary and whimsical characteristics to each creature. The story ends with a self-affirming surprise.

Pub date: September 2018 - Grasset Jeunesse

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La musica tra le righe
by Giancarlo Ascari and Pia Valentinis

A drum to wake you up, a whistle to call you over, a lullaby to dream to, a rock band to scream to, a high-pitch sound or one that's sweet, it’s time to dance to the beat. Music, maestro!
This fourth book in the series has got rhythm, celebrating music in all its notes and movements. There's music you don't expect, vegetable orchestras, music piracy… and more. There's even the sound of silence.  

Pub date: September 2018 - Franco Cosimo Panini

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