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Violeta Lopiz and Valerio Vidali

Violeta Lopiz is an illustrator from the Spanish island of Ibiza. Her beautifully textured work is filled with personality and playfulness. She has illustrated several books including Amigos do Peito (Bruaa, 2014) and Les poings sur les iles (Editions du Rouergue, 2011), which received the CJ Picture Book Award 2011 in the New Books category. She was awarded the Ilustrarte Grand Prix in 2016. El Cultural, the supplement of El Mundo, considers her one of the top ten names of contemporary Spanish illustration.

Valerio Vidali is an Italian illustrator. He was awarded the Ilustrarte Grand Prix in 2012. His book Jemmy Button (Templar, 2013), co-authored with Jennifer Uman, was a New York Times 10 Best Illustrated Books of 2013. He enjoys botanical gardens and spends his spare time building kites that rarely fly.

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