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La musica tra le righe
by Giancarlo Ascari and Pia Valentinis

A drum to wake you up, a whistle to call you over, a lullaby to dream to, a rock band to scream to, a high-pitch sound or one that's sweet, it’s time to dance to the beat. Music, maestro!
This fourth book in the series has got rhythm, celebrating music in all its notes and movements. There's music you don't expect, vegetable orchestras, music piracy… and more. There's even the sound of silence.  

Pub date: October 2018 - Franco Cosimo Panini

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Voilà La Pluie
by Mathieu Pierloot
illustrations by Maria Dek

Sundays are so boring, especially rainy Sundays. Without making a sound, Camille slips away from her bedroom to go and play in the backyard. Despite the rain, there is a world of wonder awaiting for her to discover, and Camille will witness something very unusual and beautiful for the first time.

Pub date: November 2018 - Comme Des Géants

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