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La Meilleure Façon de Marcher?
by Anna Castagnoli, illustrations by Gaia Stella

On the way to the town of Wellwind, a man, a boy, and a donkey walk through many villages. Wherever they go, the locals judge them on their appearance and behavior. At first, the man and boy follow the “advice.” But with each new town the opinions change, so no matter what they do it’ll never be right. Inspired by a classic fable, this contemporary revisitation invites young readers to reflect on how the opinions of others can influence our own behaviour, if we allow it to.

Rights sold:

World: Grasset Jeunesse, February 2019
China: Beijing Yutian Hanfeng Books
For foreign rights inquiries, please Grasset Jeunesse.

Ma maman et moi
Les premiers Jours des bébés animaux

by Orith Kolodny

Mommy mammals feed their babies with their own milk and care for their little ones. Depending on the mammal, the babies can be nourished and nurtured for just a few weeks or for many years. In this engaging and informative book, children learn how long different mammals suckle and stay with their moms, from seals (only 1 week!) to lions (8 months) to orangutans (7 years). And what about humans? How long do children stay with their moms?
A fascinating read – with backmatter including information and fun facts on each mammal in the book – that parents and young children can enjoy together.

Rights sold:

France: Actes Sud Junior, February 2019
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by Romain Bernard

Great inventions often happen by accident. Rumor has it that scientists were trying to develop a hair curling device when they made one of the most important discoveries in history.
Lucette, a young schoolgirl and science buff, lives in a black-and-white world. Her life changes when scientists discover a light beam that reveals color. At first, only those who own a Chromolux can see in color, but in time everyone has access to it and everyone begins to have color vision.
Welcome to Chromopolis! How will Lucette respond to the invention? A visually stunning and reflective story about progress and change. 

Rights sold:

France: Maison Eliza, February 2018
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Dans l’œuf
by Emma Lidia Squillari

Twelve eggs on a page, twelve little hatchlings…
One very funny and slightly biting (in more ways than one) picture book where we learn, among other things, that pythons have a very good appetite.

Rights sold:

WorldSeuil Jeunesse, February 2019
For foreign rights inquiries, please contact Seuil Jeunesse.

Mes Petites Formes à Compter
by Gaia Stella

In this adorable counting book, what you see is not what you get. See the red triangle? Turn the page. Why, it’s the nose of a cat! What could three black circles be? Or nine yellow triangles? Turn the pages and find out. With bold hand-carved stamp illustrations and die-cuts revealing only a part of the image beneath, the book offers a fun way to learn how to count, as well as to identify colors and shapes, through the process of surprise and discovery.

World: De La Martiniere Jeunesse, March 2019
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Mom and Me, Me and Mom
by Miguel Tanco

The joy of being a mom is palpable in this touching tribute to parenthood. Whimsical illustrations capture the poignant moments that make motherhood so special: pinning up a daughter's hair, getting messy during playtime, reading quietly side by side, and, above all, cherishing precious moments together. Bright pops of Pantone coral infuse each spread, and a cloth spine adds an irresistible specialness. At once a treasured Mother's Day gift and a year-round "I love you," this book will delight parents and children in a celebration of a supremely meaningful relationship. This lovely testament to the inimitable mother/daughter bond goes straight to the heart.

Rights sold:

World:  Chronicle Books, March 2019
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Let’s Learn Japanese
First Words for Everyone

by Aurora Cacciapuoti

An accessible introduction to the rich language and culture of Japan, this tote-able Japanese language collection makes an artful addition to any library, as well as an ideal travel primer and companion for aspiring Japanese speakers. Pairing words and characters with whimsical illustrations, each section features examples of word pronunciation, the three main Japanese writing systems (kanji, hiragana, and katakana), and common Japanese elements. At once instructive and a joy to behold, Let's Learn Japanese is a go-to gift for the world traveler and language learner.

Rights sold:

World:  Chronicle Books, March 2019
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L’Étoile de Robin
by Philip Giordano

Robin is a gentle mountain goat. Unlike the other goats, he doesn’t need to fight to show his strength. He has a greater goal: to reach the top of the highest mountain.  Assisted by the animals he meets along the way, he explores the peaks and discovers new paths. But when he learns that the other goats are in danger, he goes back to save them and becomes the wise leader of the pack.

World: Éditions Milan, April 2019
For foreign rights inquiries, please contact Éditions Milan.