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Du Matin au Soir

Du Matin Au Soir
by Flavia Ruotolo

What do a megaphone and a volcano have in common? An obstacle and a treasure? Does a bowl resemble a mushroom? Can a marble morph into a cloud? When shapes are rearranged they take on new forms and meanings. In this book simple shapes and short phrases are linked, creating a fascinating visual narrative that take young readers on a journey of surprise and discovery.

"A concept book with a mind-expanding perspective." 

"A crisp and attractive picture book project."
New York Journal of Books

“There’s more to this book than meets the eye: it will surely open imagination in kids, as it shows how daily things can be seen in different ways by children.”
Ta. Ta. Unconventional Design for Children

“Il en est de même pour cet album très sobre, tant dans le graphisme que dans le texte, qui véhicule d’ailleurs lui aussi beaucoup de rêve. Une belle découverte”
La petite Mu qui plume

“Ces associations d’images et d’idées suscitent une observation attentive et font appel à l’abstraction.”
Lívres ouverts

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World: hélium éditions, 2016;
Other editions: English
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