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Da Vinci Show

The Da Vinci Show 
by Giancarlo Ascari and Pia Valentinis

The workshop of Leonardo da Vinci is a fascinating place, where you can learn many different things: how to paint, how to sculpt, how to invent incredible machines, and even how to organize a once-in-a-lifetime event!

Told from the point of view of Amideo, a young disciple of Leonardo da Vinci, this fascinating story depicts the Milanese period of the artist, when he created The Last Supper and other world famous masterpieces. Published on the 500th anniversary of the death of the artist, the book explores a lesser known aspect of the Reinassance genius: that of a brilliant events organizer. For the wedding of Gian Galeazzo Sforza and Isabella d’Aragona at the Sforza Castle, he orchestrated a spectacular performance called The Paradise Machine, in which stars and planets revolved around a giant golden egg at the rhythm of music and lights. A pop-artist ante litteram.


Italy: Franco Cosimo Panini, April 2019
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