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L'hirondelle qui voulait voir l'hiver

L'Hirondelle qui voulait voir l'Hiver
by Philip Giordano

Summer is over and it's time for the birds to fly South. But not for Iris, a curious swallow, who decides otherwise. She stays to see the winter. One by one, the leaves fall from the trees and the cold begins to settle. Soon an icy wind starts to blow and big snowflakes tumble from the sky...
Maybe Iris didn't make such a great decision after all... or maybe she did. 

“Les pages sont parfois rouge vermeil, comme si les feuilles étaient «des flammes [qui] dansaient au milieu des branches». Elles prennent ensuite le ton d’une «rivière dorée». Jusqu’à l’arrivée de flocons gros comme des ballons, puis de la page blanche… un rideau neige.”

 “Questi due albi illustrati di Philip Giordano colpiscono per la loro immediata bellezza, ma si lasciano scoprire poco alla volta, svelando nuovi significati ad ogni lettura.” 
La Stampa

“Non si perde però mai il filo della narrazione, al massimo ci si ferma ad osservare ammirati la capacità di sintesi volumetrica delle figure (gli insetti sono splendidi!).”
Scaffale Basso

Rights sold:

World: Éditions Milan, 2017
Other editions: French, Italian, Russian, Korean
For foreign rights inquiries, please contact Éditions Milan.

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