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Jemmy Button

Jemmy Button
by Jennifer Uman and Valerio Vidali

Inspired by the true story of Jemmy Button—a native of Tierra del Fuego who was brought to England in the mid-1800s to be "educated" and "civilized"—this book illustrates Jemmy's extraordinary encounters as an outsider in an unfamiliar land and his emotional return home. Collaborating across continents, without a common language, Valerio's precision and Jennifer's primitive style have resulted in a story unlike any other.

"The ultimate home-away-home story, beautifully rendered.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The story wisely focuses on the emotions and sensory experiences of Orundellico's journey. (…) This treatment brings the story home for young readers and provides an excellent discussion-starter.”
School Library Journal

“Their vivid illustrations bring Jemmy's feelings of isolation, loneliness and eventual belonging beautifully to life.”
The Independent

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★ New York Times - Selected among the Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2013
★ The Independent - Selected among the Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2013
★ The Huffington Post - Best Picture Books of 2013 – Honorable Mention
★ CJ Picture Book Award 2012
★ 3x3 magazine - 2012 Special mention
★ American Society of Illustrators – Selected in the 2012 Annual
★ Bologna Children's Book Fair – Selected in the 2012 Illustrator’s Exhibition

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Other editions: English, French, Italian, Brazilian, Korean, Chinese
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