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Giancarlo Ascari


Giancarlo Ascari

Giancarlo Ascari, aka Elfo, is an Italian cartoonist and journalist who has illustrated and written for major Italian newspapers and magazines. After earning a degree in Architecture, he started working as a cartoonist in 1977, becoming one of the protagonists of the increasingly popular Italian comic strip scene. He's the author of Lo statuto dei lavoratori illustrato and the graphic novels: Love Stories (Coconino), Tutta colpa del'68 (Garzanti), Sarà una bella società (Garzanti), and L'arte del complotto (Rizzoli Lizard). He wrote and illustrated with Matteo Guarnaccia Quelli che Milano and Il Barbarossa (Rizzoli-Bur).
In 2015, he and fellow author and illustrator Pia Valentinis formed a creative duo and began publishing books together: The Green Fingers of Monsieur Monet (Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2015), Yum!Zip!, Gong! and Lalala! (Franco Cosimo Panini, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018). He co-illustrated with Pia Valentinis Cher Auteur, by Riccardo Bozzi, published in France by hélium editions and in Italy by Bompiani.