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Emma Lidia Squilari

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Emma Lidia Squillari

Born in Cerretto Langhe, a small town in the northwest of Italy, in 1991, Emma Lidia Squillari showed interest in art and music at a young age. Like most of her six siblings, she attended the local art Liceo. She continued her studies in Bologna, where she still lives, at the Academy of Fine Arts, and graduated in 2014 with a BA in Comics and Illustration. In 2016, she earned a Master's Degree with honors in Illustration from the same institution. Her thesis project was a picture book she wrote and illustrated titled Alle in den Garden!, and was published by the Swiss publisher, Atlantis, in 2018. 
She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and events, and in 2016 she was selected with other fellow students to represent Bologna’s Fine Arts Academy in the "Illustrating Life" exhibition in Beijing. Her second book about a snake with a very large appetite, Dans l’Oeuf, was published by Seuil Jeunesse in March 2019.
Emma has always loved books and storytelling. She works principally with watercolor, ink, and colored pencils, and hopes that her work will one day bring the same joy to children that she experienced reading good books as a child.