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Noemi Vola


Noemi Vola

Noemi Vola was born in 1993 in Bra, a small town in Northern Italy. She is the author and illustrator of three books published by Corraini: From Here to Far Away (2019), A Book of Horses* (*Revolutionary Ones) (2018) and Bear with Me (2017), selected in the 100 Outstanding Picturebooks Exhibition curated by dPICTUS at the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair. Her book FIM? Isto Nao Açaba Assim (Planeta Tangerina, 2018) won the International Serpa Picturebook Prize in 2017 and was awarded Best Foreign Illustrated Book in 2018 at the Amadora BD Festival. Her illustrations for Bear with Me were selected in the 2019 Illustators' Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. She also works with magazines such as Vogue Kids, Mousse and AWW. Noemi draws almost all of her illustrations with felt tip pens, which she can no longer live without. She loves the Moomins (and knows them like family), caterpillars, earthworms, Daniel Johnston and stories by Toon Tellegen.