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Kasya Denisevich

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Kasya Denisevich

Kasya Denisevich was born and raised in Moscow, where she spent many years pursuing an academic career in Philology, translating books from Italian into Russian and editing magazines. Then she quit, and moved to Barcelona. She studied illustration at the Escola Massana and at MiMaster in Milan. Artwork from Kasya’s picture book project Neighbors was selected for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrator’s Exhibition in 2017. Her illustrations from another project, Carmen and Emilio, were shortlisted for Ilustrarte 2018. Her book Neighbors, a poignant story about a little girl's inner experience when her family moves into a new building, will be published by Chronicle Books in 2020.
Kasya lives in Catalonia with her husband and two daughters, who share her love for reading, drawing, and writing stories.


Work in Progress

Carmen y Emilio